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Why Crotch Sizing?

Why Crotch Sizing?

While my exposure to people’s crotches is rather limited, I’m certain that no two are alike and they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, regardless of gender.  Men have been preoccupied by this fact for years, and women rarely if ever compare and contrast, but for some reason sizing in the undergarment industry has taken a ‘one size fits most’ approach to variations in gusset measurements, leaving many of us, particularly women, hanging…out. 

Until now.  I created the EveriBody brand because ironically, I used to think that my body was like nobody’s.  I mean, why else would it be so difficult for me to find underwear that would amply cover all my parts, and do so comfortably without shifting or riding up?  I guess I could have resorted to granny panties to solve my problem, but still having a shred of vanity and pride, I instead spent years fighting the slide and shift and lack of coverage, assuming I was alone in my struggle.

But then I started asking questions….about crotches.  And I learned that I wasn’t alone.  So I came up with the first ever brand of underwear to contemplate that our crotches are not created equally, and our underwear should accommodate our differences.  Drum roll please….Introducing EveriBody with Inclusizing™️!  We’ve combined typical waist sizing together with crotch widths in 3, 4 and 5, giving you twelve potential options to find the perfect fit for your body size and shape - which btw, may change throughout different life stages! Your underwear will absolutely, positively stay put and keep you comfortably covered, no matter how much coverage you need.  Welcome to your new favorite pair of underwear.  Grannies included.