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Our Founder

Hi, I’m Courtney.

I created EveriBody because every body is not the same. The underwear industry has standards of measurement that fit many - but not all, and definitely not me. For years I’d struggled trying to find a fit that would stay in place and keep me covered and comfortable. Dozens of brands and decades later, I decided that I must be odd or misshapen. I mean, we’ve all got those strange little distinguishing features, right? I’d never considered any of them as something that was wrong with me, just things that made me different than everyone else. And while that might be true about the mole on my chin or my herniated belly button (yes, I do regret that piercing in the 90s), I learned I wasn’t alone in my search for underwear with more than average crotch coverage. 

So I created EveriBody, because one size does NOT fit all. We’ve thrown out industry-driven size restrictions and created three different crotch widths and waist sizing in XS to 4XL, to give an uncompromisingly perfect fit to each and every body shape and size.

Embrace your curves and crevasses. Chuckle at all the ways your body is a beautiful reflection of your story.  Celebrate your differences and discover your perfect fit with EveriBody.